Teddy’s Girl

A Story About a Little Girl’s Love for Her Beloved Horse Teddy

A photographer named Cortney reached out to Allpony about making her three year old daughter a custom stuffed pony for Christmas. I was already booked with pony orders, and my own parenting duties, but her story spoke to me. I hope it speaks to you as well.

– Susan

Cortney wrote that her daughter Hayden lost her horse in October due to old age and declining health. She wrote…

Note to Santa

“They had quite the relationship. She misses him dearly. I’m hoping a custom stuffed pony helps her to have something to hold onto. She asked Santa if she could get him back for Christmas.”

Cortney sent in a note to Santa that Hayden wrote in her adorable 3 year old hand writing. The note said…

Dear Santa,
I would really like my Teddy.
– Hayden

She also sent me these amazing pictures that she took of Teddy and Hayden…

So… I found a way to create a stuffed Teddy for Hayden in time for Christmas. My daughter and I were pretty attached to him and did a little photo session before I shipped him to Cortney.

Later On

I learned more about this story through Cortney after she sent some adorable photos she took of Hayden with the stuffed Teddy I made. I asked her for more of the backstory on Teddy & Hayden.

Cortney wrote to me about teddy & Hayden…

Teddy“Rescued by his previous owner, Teddy (Theodore) came to live with our family in 2016. He appeared to be a percheron/paint cross and approximately 30 years old. He was fantastic on the trails or a quick jaunt down the road. He had skip in his step and a mild temperament that made me want to keep him all to myself.

All of that changed when, Hayden, our first-born, joined our family in 2018. When it warmed up and she was able to be outside with her furry-friends, it was clear to see Hayden and Teddy had a bond like no other. They were inseparable. Hayden would either be brushing, feeding, leading or riding Teddy – with no help from mom or dad. It was crazy to see how a 1,400 lb animal – timid of men and not a fan of anyone except for me – could develop a relationship with someone so small and fragile. Teddy was always gentle and loving with Hayden. We felt she was safe and protected with him which was something unreal and hard to explain to those who do not understand the love and affection of horses.

As the years passed, Teddy’s age began to show. His arthritis in both hind legs and hocks worsened and a quick trim by the farrier would turn into a few hours, as we would have to let Teddy walk about and stretch. He became unrideable by adults, but Hayden was light enough to continue riding him which was perfectly fine. They were meant for each other anyway.

He began to have breathing issues that were allergy related and even medications could no longer help. We tried our best to keep him comfortable and happy, but eventually, we knew it was time to part ways with our beloved Theodore. It’s never easy to think about saying goodbye – and trying to tell a 3-year-old what this type of goodbye meant is even more difficult.

That morning we told Hayden that Teddy would not be home when she returned from daycare, but he would forever be watching her from up above, as a unicorn. She told us, “Teddy will be the most beautiful unicorn”. We had the vet come out and we discussed further options in regard to medications and treatment, but I cannot forget what our vet told us. She said “It’s ok for their last day to be a good day”. It truly was his best day – he was eating happily, breathing and walking with no pain, the sun was shining and it was pleasantly warm for an October day.

After his passing, Hayden missed Teddy and continued to ask when he would come home, or if he was done being a unicorn. We decided to get a custom-made plush pony made of him from Allpony and it was exactly what she needed.

Teddy is definitely a family member that will forever be missed and he most definitely left hoof-prints on our hearts. I am glad he found us, and we were able to let him live out the rest of his life with love from a little girl – as all horses deserve to be loved by one.”

Cortney sent a photo of the stuffed Teddy in his new home with a letter from Santa that said:

Dear Hayden,

I read your letter of wishing to see Teddy. I do wish I could bring him back to you, but that is magic I do not possess. I hope that what I have made for you provides you with comfort and joy for years to come.

– Santa Claus

Note to Santa

Hopefully the plush pony will bring some closure for Hayden although I know she must miss Teddy terribly.

This love and connection between a little girl and her horse is what inspires me to create content for Allpony and to sew the stuffed ponies. I hope this story inspires you as well.

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