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Stable Vices & Bad Habits Quiz

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Stable Vices & Bad Habits

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Horse & Pony Vices Quiz Leaderboard by Date

  • Zea - 75%
  • horses!!!!!! - 100%
  • Halflinger - 50%
  • Sav - 100%
  • Alainya - 75%
  • Jenna - 75%
  • Blob - 87%
  • Horse LOVER - 100%
  • Crystal - 87%
  • crystal - 50%

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Welcome to the Stable Vices & Bad Habits Quiz!

What is the difference between a Stable Vice and a Bad Habit?
How can you prevent a horse from developing stable vices?
What kind of horses have bad habits?
What is cribbing?
What is the name the bad habit when a horse stands on its hind legs?
Is wood chewing considered a stable vice or a bad habit?
What is pawing?
What is the name of the bad habit when horses balk, rear, swing around, and neigh loudly for his herd when he is asked go away from the direction of his home?

High Scores for the Horse & Pony Vices and Bad Habits Quiz

RankQuiz NameUserCorrect Score
1Stable Vices & Bad Habits QuizHorse LOVER100
2Stable Vices & Bad Habits Quiz손동휘100
3Stable Vices & Bad Habits Quiz100
4Stable Vices & Bad Habits Quiz손동휘100
5Stable Vices & Bad Habits Quiz100
6Stable Vices & Bad Habits Quiz조건우100
7Stable Vices & Bad Habits QuizRebel Rider100
8Stable Vices & Bad Habits Quiz김대용100
9Stable Vices & Bad Habits Quiz김문선100
10Stable Vices & Bad Habits QuizKd100
11Stable Vices & Bad Habits QuizLupe100
12Stable Vices & Bad Habits Quiz조성국100
13Stable Vices & Bad Habits QuizCharlotte100
14Stable Vices & Bad Habits QuizZee100
15Stable Vices & Bad Habits QuizMy Azteca Is Cute100
16Stable Vices & Bad Habits Quiz-100
17Stable Vices & Bad Habits QuizMuhammad Mubashir100
18Stable Vices & Bad Habits Quizliz100
19Stable Vices & Bad Habits Quizme100
20Stable Vices & Bad Habits Quiz윤수연100