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New detachable airbag lining Helite Zip in 2

This is the new version of the Helite Zip’in airbag. New design, the shape has been optimized, the thorax is even better protected, the weight of the cartridges has been reduced.

The great novelty is that this new Helite Zip’in 2 lining is suitable for all jackets of the Dada range: as well for jackets of the Dada airbag range (Carthago, Comic Star, Catapult, Darco) as from now on for traditional competition jackets (Carinjo and Almé).

This sleeveless airbag lining made of black mesh fabric protects the areas statistically most affected during a fall from a horse: the spine and vital organs.  The airbag absorbs shocks and rigidifies the trunk and the base of the neck to limit the hyper flexion of the spine.

Airbag CE certified: Our airbag systems are CE certified by the ALIENOR CERTIFICATION laboratory, a recognized and independent institute that certifies Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for equestrian riders.


  • If you are between two sizes take one size below your usual size.
  • For the choice of the size of the jacket : choose the same size as the airbag.

The vest is sold separately from the jacket.

The airbag liner Zip’In 2 can be worn alone or under an approved outer (recommended version). It only takes a few seconds to combine the airbag with the outer via a zip. Caution: You have to choose the same size for your Zip’in airbag and your compatible outer.

The unique shape of our Helite airbag offers a full protection, absorbs impacts and stabilizes the whole upper body from head to tailbone. For an optimal pressure, the volume of gas varies between 14and 28 liters (the biggest on the market) depending on the size of your airbag.

In the event of a fall the airbag inflates in less than 0,1 seconds and offers an optimal protection from head to tailbone before impact.

Helite airbags are mechanical to avoid unexpected airbag activation and changing batteries. It is a ready-to-use system that you can reactivate by yourself. You simply need to connect the lanyard via the saddle strap with your saddle.

A saddle strap is delivered with each Zip’in airbag. For safety reasons, more reliability and faster inflation it is important to correctly install and use the saddle attachment. No special tools or technical knowledge are required to install the strap on your saddle.

Quick and easy replacement of the CO2 cartridge. The size of the cartridge is proportional to the size of the Zip’in airbag. One cartridge is always included with your airbag. We recommend you to have an additional cartridge to be replaced quickly after an inflation.

Due to the central zip, the airbag can be worn alone, however it is recommended to wear the ZipIn 2 airbag with an approved outer to avoid damaging the airbag in case of fall.

The discreet design of the airbag liner Zip’in 2 allows to wear it with any approved outer and makes it invisible.

The airbag vest Zip’In 2 ensures a maximum comfort and great freedom of movement while riding: stretchy sides, breathable mesh, reduction of the cartridge weight.

Breathable mesh on sides and middle back for optimal ventilation and perfect fit.

81% Polyamid, 19% Elasthane, 100% Polyurethane, 89% Nylon, 11% Polyester


How it works: