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Saddles Quiz

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Horse Saddles

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  • Saddles Quiz - Khioni - 100
  • Saddles Quiz - Khioni - 100
  • Saddles Quiz - Khioni - 80
  • Saddles Quiz - Caylee Baker - 100
  • Saddles Quiz - Kate - 100
  • Saddles Quiz - Rachel - 100
  • Saddles Quiz - Emily Bruss - 100
  • Saddles Quiz - Leyla - 100
  • Saddles Quiz - penny - 80
  • Saddles Quiz - brooke - 80

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What are the two main types of saddles?
What is horse tack?
What do you call the room in a horse barn that stores saddles?
Why are there specialized types of saddles?
What is this type of saddle?Dressage Saddle

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