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Rudy The Rudster Book Series Is Engaging and Educational!

A story of a sweet, charismatic Thoroughbred horse who found his forever home.

In this Allpony blog post, you will learn more about the first two Rudy books with links to purchase them, and read a Rudy book review by K. Mattson.

My almost eight year old daughter and I have both enjoyed reading the Rudy series together. We are both impressed with how Diane tells the story from her horse’s perspective while keeping the reader engaged. The books educate kids and adults about houses and horsemanship along the way. The Rudy Book Series and Allpony have similar goals in this regard and I was thrilled when Diane asked me to create a custom Rudy plush horse for her book tour!


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Rudy Book Features Include:

  • Children’s chapter books for middle readers (ages 6-11)
  • Gorgeous color illustrations throughout by Karen Busch Holman illustrator of “G is for Granite State – A New Hampshire Alphabet” and many other children’s books.
  • Complete with horse anatomy, glossary of equine definitions, 20 Fun Horse Facts, and more

The Rudy Book Series by Diane Robbins Jones

A Big Horse With a Big Heart

Rudy A Big Horse With a Big Heart

Rudy A Big Horse With a Big Heart

Author Diane Robbins Jones

Three years into horse ownership, Jones published a middle reader children’s book, “Rudy – A Big Horse with a Big Heart.” The book chronicles her first year with Rudy as told by Rudy. He takes readers on a journey through the high’s and low’s as he and Jones begin to work together, learn to trust each other, and eventually develop a deep bond. Readers learn how horses think, their emotions, and what goes into training a horse from both the human and horse perspective.

New! Rudy2 – Trailers, Pigs, and New Friends

Author Diane Robbins Jones

In the second book, Rudy moves to a new stable. He struggles to fit in with a new herd at the stable and is bullied. He reaffirms that he dislikes trailers, learns that pigs are terrifying, and meets a new horse who becomes a good friend. Rudy2 reveals more about horse/human relationship challenges. And, of course, the same endearing Rudy shares his experiences and feelings on his new adventures, the people and animals he meets along the way.

The Rudy Books Gallery

A Rudy Book Review

Rudy, A Big Horse With a Big Heart

Author Diane Robbins Jones

Review by K.Mattson

Rudy DianeRudy, a well written book for youth, beautifully presents all of the “trials and tribulations” from the equine eye. Author Diane Robbins Jones takes the young horse crazy reader through adventures as Rudy the horse sees them. The book’s Illustrations are done by Karen Busch Holman, are beautiful. Her artwork depicts Rudy in many diverse circumstances.

Rudy is a strapping red chestnut Thoroughbred gelding who stands 17 hands tall. Our red hero was born in New York and was slated to enter the world of racing. When racing didn’t work out he naturally tried a Dressage barn. As a “plan C” Rudy was instead taken to a stable in Portsmouth NH.

Robbins magically captivates the uneasiness and natural instincts of the horse. The story continues painting a working relationship with his human, bonding with a herd, and the challenge all equestrians are faced with when they become dedicated to that special equine.

Educational but fun is what Rudy is all about. Education of both the horse and the equestrian as they share their life together. Rudy’s antics and growing pains are poignantly written- sharing the honesty and reality of owning your own horse.

There is a glossary at the end with definition of terms, parts of the horse (complete with diagram), gaits of the horse (including some naughty ones), ways a horse communicates through noise and body language, and 20 “fun facts”.

Rudy, A Big Horse With a Big Heart will be a series of three-chapter books. Each book can be purchased separately or in a set. If you’re looking for that special gift for that hard to buy young equestrian Rudy would be perfect.