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Riding Aids Quiz

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Horse Riding Aids

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Riding Aids Quiz Leaderboard by Date

  • megan severs - 66%
  • Lila - 83%
  • Georgia - 83%
  • emory - 33%
  • Mo - 33%
  • peggy - 83%
  • Arie - 83%
  • Liza-Mari v.N - 50%
  • Addy - 83%
  • Merrylegs - 100%

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Welcome to the Riding Aids Quiz!

Is your voice considered a natural or artificial aid?
What are the natural aids?
What are riding aids?
What are considered artificial aids?Check all that apply.
What is the aid to ask a horse to move forward?
What are the aids for asking a pony to slow down or stop?

High Scores for the Riding Aids Quiz

RankQuiz NameUserCorrect Score
1Riding Aids QuizBC100
2Riding Aids Quizalkadi7hamad100
3Riding Aids Quizalkadi7hamad100
4Riding Aids QuizSusan100
5Riding Aids Quizelisanweaver100
6Riding Aids QuizKiki100
7Riding Aids QuizLara Ghannoum100
8Riding Aids Quizalkadi7hamad100
9Riding Aids QuizRebel Rider100
10Riding Aids Quizdiufhz97syd100
11Riding Aids Quizclara100
12Riding Aids QuizKJ100
13Riding Aids QuizCharlotte100
14Riding Aids QuizCas100
15Riding Aids QuizMerrylegs100
16Riding Aids QuizRebel Rider100
17Riding Aids Quizalkadi7hamad100
18Riding Aids QuizRosie100
19Riding Aids Quizeee100
20Riding Aids QuizClaire100

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