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Horsemanship Quizzes

Put your horsemanship skills to the test with fun quizzes about horses

Try the Allpony horse & pony quizzes on coat colors, face and leg markings, gaits, grooming tools, breeds, vices and more to receive a free certificate of accomplishment when you get at least half correct!

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Try the Allpony horsemanship quizzes to receive a free customized certificate of accomplishment for each quiz, and have your name appear in the leaderboards!

Leaderboards By Correct Score

Top 20 scores for all quizzes on the Allpony site

RankQuiz NameUserCorrect Score
1Parts of the Horse QuizJess100
2Measuring Horses Quizcarissaelainethomas100
3Trot Posting Diagonals QuizDez100
4Horse Terms QuizEggs Benedict100
5Trot Posting Diagonals QuizMeep7221100
6Horse Terms QuizTraylyn100
7Saddles QuizDC100
8Horse Terms QuizSara100
9Parts of the Horse QuizFredrick the gr8t100
10Riding Sports QuizEmma100
11Measuring Horses QuizJack mehof100
12Face Markings QuizJose Luis Cabrera-Ontiveros100
13Saddles QuizYuuta K.100
14Horse Terms QuizDanica100
15Coat Colors Quizmaddy100
16Measuring Horses QuizKelly100
17Horse Terms Quizbee100
18Coat Colors QuizLottie100
19Riding Arena Etiquette QuizAnnette100
20Saddles QuizRhea100

Leaderboards By Most Recent Scores

The latest scores for all quizzes on the Allpony site

  • nix - 100%
  • nix - 100%
  • nix - 75%
  • Amber - 88%
  • Amber - 62%
  • Willow lover - 71%
  • S W - 85%
  • Uwu - 33%
  • Uwu - 83%
  • Sus - 50%
  • lilly - 75%
  • lilly - 71%
  • Mckayla - 50%
  • Quinn - 75%
  • Quinn - 100%
  • Quinn - 100%
  • Quinn - 66%
  • Quinn - 88%
  • hopeandgrace - 100%
  • hopeandgrace - 80%