Girl’s Customizable Lipizzan Horse T-Shirt


This t-shirt comes in a variety of vivid colors with a Lipizzan horse illustration. It says “Lipizzan”, OR you can customize the design by adding your own name, a friend’s name or even a horse’s name!

Personalize Design


Customizable! Share your love of the Lipizzan horse breed or give this short sleeve t-shirt as a special gift to a kid who loves horses. It has an original digital horse illustration created for the just for the Allpony website. The wording says Lipizzan, but you can customize the text! Personalize the shirt with your name, horse’s name, or a friend’s name to this cute girl’s t-shirt design. Makes a perfect personalized birthday or holiday gift!

Choose your own shirt color from a selection of fun colors including cancun (aqua), raspberry, hot pink, light pink, lilac, purple, tahiti blue, and turquoise. The slim and fitted width is flattering, and the short sleeves make it a perfect shirt for warm days or layer it for added warmth.

Do You Know Lipizzan Horses?

The Lipizzan horse breed excels at classical dressage and is famous for their “airs above the ground” movements of classical dressage at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna, Austria. The breed dates back to the 16th century and was originally used for military purposes. Lipizzan horses are known for their muscular build, roman nose, and wide chest. They are born bay or black and gradually turn gray as they age.

  • Breed: Lipizzan or Lipizzaner
  • Height: Around 14.2hh to 16hh
  • Origin: Slovenia

Visit the Breed Website

Did you know you can play the free Horse & Pony Breeds Matching Game and take the Horse & Ponies Breeds Quiz here on the Allpony website? Check them out and see if you can get on the quiz leader board!

Additional information

Weight N/A

Size Chart

Chest (inches) 23 25 27 30 33
Body Length (inches) 19 20 21 23 25
Chest width (inches) 11 1/2 12 1/2 13 1/2 15 16 1/2

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