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Free Horse Jumping Game

Click the green flag to begin. Hit any button to make the horse jump. Avoid the obstacles to see if you can get the high score.

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Horsemanship fun and learning games about saddles, coat colors, trailering, horse sports and more.

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Free horse quizzes with a certificate of accomplishment for each one. Get on the leaderboards for each quiz!

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Learn more about jumping horses with this illustrated guide.

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Rudy the Horse & Equine Chiropractors

Rudy the Horse & Equine Chiropractors

Hi Kids, My Name is Rudy! I’m the star of a children’s book series where I tell kids about my life while educating them on all things horse! My owner and I have partnered with Allpony to bring a series of blogs to the Allpony website that discusses equine practitioners. I’m going to tell you about equine chiropractors in this edition.

Holiday Pony Carriage Ride Craft Activity

Holiday Pony Carriage Ride Craft Activity

This paper craft activity allows kids to create their own Christmas pony pulling a carriage full of gifts for the holidays. Simply download the PDF, print it out on your home printer, cut it out and attach the top together with glue, tape or staples to make the pony stand up on its own. Makes a great holiday decoration that kids can create on their own.

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