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Play the Appaloosa Horse Game

Click the green flag to begin. Choose the horse’s markings and colors. Go to the Main Tail page or Tack Room page to choose more details to customize your horse and add a saddle, bridle, and leg wraps. Click Done to see your final horse design and add the horse’s name.

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From the Allpony Blog

Holiday Pony Carriage Ride Craft Activity

Holiday Pony Carriage Ride Craft Activity

This paper craft activity allows kids to create their own Christmas pony pulling a carriage full of gifts for the holidays. Simply download the PDF, print it out on your home printer, cut it out and attach the top together with glue, tape or staples to make the pony stand up on its own. Makes a great holiday decoration that kids can create on their own.

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Rudy the Rudster Book Series

Rudy the Rudster Book Series

My almost eight year old daughter and I have both enjoyed reading the Rudy series together. We are both impressed with how Diane tells the story from her horse’s perspective while keeping the reader engaged. The books educate kids and adults about houses and horsemanship along the way. The Rudy Book Series and Allpony have similar goals in this regard and I was thrilled when Diane asked me to create a custom Rudy plush horse for her book tour!

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