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Create your own pony with the choose your pony game. Test your horse knowledge with our horsemanship games. Take our fun horse quizzes and compare your results in the leader boards.

Can You Identify Bad Habits & Stable Vices In Horses?

Do you know the difference between bad habits and stable vices? Play the Bad Habits and Stable Vices games to test yourself, and learn more about the terms used to identify these behaviors.

Parts of the Saddle

Most Popular Horsemanship Game!

Drag and drop the names of the saddle parts into the correct location and check your results. Play as many times as you want for free!

Play the Choose Your Pony Game

On a desktop computer (not a phone or tablet), click on the pony pictures below to choose the coat color, manes, tails, face and leg markings. Click the tack room button to choose saddles, bridles and leg wraps.

 Please use a desktop computer to play this game. It is a Flash game and cannot run on a tablet or phone.