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So Your Child Wants To Horse Show, Now What?

It is extremely important for the trainer to make expectations of parents and riders very clear from the beginning. Every program is different and every trainer may have different requirements and expectations.

Allpony Horse Book Reviews Contest for Kids

Calling All Horse Book Lovers! Allpony is offering a book review contest where kids read a horse book of their choice and write a basic overview of the book and what they like about it. Reviews can be as short as two paragraphs and up to 2 pages long. The horse books can be of fiction or nonfiction, as long as it is about horses. One entry per person please. Your book reviews will be posted on the Allpony website so other kids can get recommendations on all of the great horse books out there that they may like to read! One of the submitted book reviews will be chosen at random as the winner of a life-time Star Stable game membership and the Soul Riders book trilogy.

Safety Vests for Kids With Ride EquiSafe

In our interview with Catherine Winter of Ride EquiSafe, we tried on a wide selection of child sized equestrian safety vests and learned more about the options available for kids.

Equestrian Safety Vest Options for Kids

A recent hot topic in the equine world has been the use of safety vests. While these have been seen for years in other disciplines like Eventing and Show Jumping, the safety vest has not been common attire in the Hunter, Dressage or Western Worlds, until now.

Parents, Let Your Kids Horse Show

This is why I believe so much in horse showing and the values that it instills in kids. Camaraderie, time spent together, the moments early in the morning before the show starts, late in the evening, long after the show is done, and every bit in between. The responsibility and amazing experience of caring for and performing on a living, breathing animal.

Play Free Horse Games

Choose Your Pony Game

Create Your Own Pony, Improve Your Horse Knowledge With Horsemanship Learning Games for Kids.

Horsemanship Education for Kids

Learn more about horse breeds, face & leg markings, coat colors, gaits, tack & grooming tools and more with fun free horse & pony learning activities.

Horse Knowledge Quizzes

Put your horsemanship skills to the test with fun and free quizzes about horses. Receive a free certificate of accomplishment and get on the Leaderboards!

Learn About Horses

Learn more about horse breeds, face & leg markings, coat colors, gaits, tack & grooming tools and more with fun free horse & pony learning activities. Expand your horse knowledge & improve horsemanship skills free horse & pony quizzes.

Tack & Bits

Tack is equipment or accessories used on horses and ponies, such as saddles, stirrups, bridles, halters, reins, bits, and harnesses. Learn about types of saddles, parts of the bridle, and common types of bits.

Barn & Travel

Do you know how to tie a pony? Learn how along with how to groom a horse and identify stable vices and bad habits, & body clips in horses. Read about how to measure the height and weight of horses, trailering horses, and horse boots and leg wraps. Take fun quizzes and play learning games within each section!

smart book award

Smart Book Award Winner

The Allpony Horses & Ponies Activity Book won the Academics Choice Smart Book Award.

Horse & Pony Identification

Learn to identify popular horse & pony breeds, face and leg markings, parts of the horse and gaits. Identify warmblood horse breeds and discover more about jumping horses.

Horse Sports

There are many different horse sports that you can participate in. Follow the links below to learn more about horse & pony sports, or go ahead and test your knowledge with the free horse sports quiz!

Play Horse Learning Games

Choose Your Pony Game

Parts of the Saddle

Horse Coat Colors

Identify Parts of the Horse

Allpony Horsemanship Quizzes

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