Chapter 5. Horse Coat White Patterns

Pinto Horses

A pinto coat color has large, multi-colored patches of white and any base coat color such as chestnut, brown, or black.

Not to be confused with a Paint, which is breed of horse with includes mostly Quarter Horse and Thoroughbred bloodlines.

Variations of pinto coat colors include:


Overo is a type of spotting with large jagged patches of white. The patches do not go over the top of the horse or pony’s back. Patches go under the horse’s belly. It does not need to be 50-50 distribution of white and another color.


skewbald horse colorskewbald horse color

Skewbald is a type of spotting pattern with any other color than black with white. They usually have large patches of half white and half brown or chestnut hair.



A type of spotting that has large patches that are half white and half black.

Other White Patterned Horse Coat Colors Include:

Sabino: Has high white leg markings, belly spots, white markings on their face that go over their eyes, and/or patches of roaning.

Tobiano: Characterized by rounded spotting patterns and white legs. They of have white across their back between the withers and tail, usually with more white than dark patches. The head is usually dark and with markings seen an a normal base horse color such as a star, snip, or blaze.


The Appaloosa color patterns are not considered pinto although there may be rare occassions where a horse will exhibit both traits. Appaloosa’s can have countless variations of patterns and colors. They can have a dark base coat with small light spots, white with dark spots, roan with patches of spots, or have a dark base coat with a white “blanket” and spots over the hindquarters.

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