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Leg Markings Quiz

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Horse Leg Markings

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Horse Leg Markings Quiz Leaderboard by Date

  • Hailey - 100%
  • Zoe - 100%
  • Luili - 60%
  • Lucy - 80%
  • Lucy - 80%
  • Lucy - 40%
  • Lucy - 40%
  • Fiona equestrian - 100%
  • Fiona equestrian - 80%
  • Fiona equestrian - 60%

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Welcome to the Leg Markings Quiz!

Which leg marking has the most white?
What are the black spots inside leg markings called?
Which leg marking has the least white?
Which leg marking covers half of the pastern?
Name this pony's leg marking.Stocking

High Scores for the Horse Leg Markings Quiz

RankQuiz NameUserCorrect Score
1Leg Markings QuizBerkeley100
2Leg Markings QuizWhinnyLove100
3Leg Markings Quizjo100
4Leg Markings QuizAva100
5Leg Markings QuizDressage4Ever100
6Leg Markings QuizHorse LOVER100
7Leg Markings Quizsarah100
8Leg Markings Quizjosh100
9Leg Markings QuizEden100
10Leg Markings QuizHannah and Maddie100
11Leg Markings QuizLeg marking100
12Leg Markings QuizBo100
13Leg Markings QuizAinsley100
14Leg Markings QuizSophie100
15Leg Markings QuizTilly100
16Leg Markings QuizC100
17Leg Markings QuizH100
18Leg Markings QuizNicola100
19Leg Markings QuizIndia moss100
20Leg Markings QuizKinsey100