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Tying a Pony

How to Tie a Quick Release Knot

Quick Release Knot

Always tie a horse with a quick release knot so the horse can be untied quickly in an emergency

How To Tie a Horse Or Pony

  • Use a breakaway halter and tie the pony at the height of his withers or higher. The pony should be able to hold his head in a relaxed position. If the lead rope is too loose, he could get his legs tangled. 18″ is a good length from the halter to the knot.
  • For safety, tie a piece of baling twine to the ring or post, and loop the lead rope through it. The twine is strong enough to hold the pony under normal conditions, but will break if the pony spooks and pulls back really hard.
  • Never tie a pony with a chain over his nose or under his chin, or tie him by his bridle. He could injure himself if he pulls back.
  • To undo a quick release knot, pull the loose end and the knot will untie on its own.

Practice Tying a Quick Release Knot

  1. Have an adult attach a rope or string to something sturdy, such as the leg of a chair.
  2. Practice tying a quick release knot following the steps above.
  3. Release the knot by pulling on the loose end.
  4. Repeat until you can easily tie and release a quick release knot.

What is a Breakaway Halter?

If a horse or pony panics and pulls back against nylon halter, there is the risk the halter will not break which can lead to injury to the horse. Some nylon halters have a leather crown piece or a tiny leather flap that will break if enough pressure is applied to it. The breakable part of the halter will separate if a horse gets caught on on something, or panics, and allows the horse to break free without injuring itself. Leather halters are a good option as well that will break in an emergency. The risk of a breakaway halter is a horse can break it and get loose, causing injury to itself. Ask your riding instructor what type of halter they recommend.

How To Tie a Quick Release Knot

Which Quick Release Knot Is Tied Correctly?

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