Describing a Pony

How to Describe a Horse or Pony for Identification

Why Do You Need Be Able to Describe Horses?

If your pony needs to be pulled in from the pasture from a group of other horses, or treated by a vet or farrier by someone unfamiliar with your pony, you want to use the right words and give as much information as possible.

What To Include In Your Desciption:

Tell the Age, Color, Breed, Gender, Size, Face and Leg Markings, and Other important characteristics of the pony

Sample Pony Description

Registered Name: Cinderella

Barn Name: Ella

Age: 15

Breed: Welsh Pony

Coat Color: Buckskin

Gender: Mare

Height: 12.1hh

Face Markings: Blaze

Leg Markings: Stockings on Left and Right Hind Legs

Learn More About Identifying Horses & Ponies

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What is the Pony’s Registered Name & Barn Name?

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How Old Is the Pony?

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Face Markings

Does Your Pony Have Any Face Markings? If So, What Are They?

Learn more about face markings.

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Leg Markings

Does Your Pony Have Any Leg Markings? If So, What Are They?

Learn more about leg markings.

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Is the Pony a Mare, Gelding, or Stallion?

Learn more about horse terms.

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Other Marks Or Blemishes

For Example, Does Your Pony Have a Brand or Any Scars?

Learn more about Warmblood Horse brands.

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Coat Color

What Color Is Your Pony’s Coat?

Learn more about horse and pony coat colors.

Your Pony’s Description

Write a complete description of the horse or pony that you ride.

Coat Colors & Markings Identifying Information

horse identification tutorial kids

Printable Pony ID Card Download

Print out the Horse Identification worksheet to create your own horse ID card (PDF) and color in your pony’s (or your dream pony’s) coat color and markings.

Create Your Own Pony ID Card

Fill Out the Form Below to Identify Your Pony or Horse.



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