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Horse Sports

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What Olympic riding sport has a horse respond to the rider's subtle cues in a series of movements in a standard sized arena?

Which team riding sport has the rider score goals by hitting a small ball with a long-handled mallet?
Which riding sport has the rider sits toward the back of a flat English style saddle and rides high-stepping horses with smooth gaits?
Which equestrian sport shows the horses as a pleasure to ride with very smooth and collected gaits and minimal rein contact?
Which type of riding sport is judged on a horse's manners, way of going, and conformation on the flat (no jumps) and over jumps?
Which Olympic sport has horse and rider teams compete over three days in dressage, show jumping, and cross-country?
Which horse sport has gymnastics on horseback?
Which horse sport has three phases and you drive a carriage.

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1Riding Sports Quizimie100
2Riding Sports QuizErin100
3Riding Sports QuizEmma100
4Riding Sports QuizMonica Reilly100
5Riding Sports QuizHorseGirl Films100
6Riding Sports QuizLluhhkhkhohhupouho100
7Riding Sports QuizJenna100
8Riding Sports Quizwallace&gromit100
9Riding Sports QuizClaire A.100
10Riding Sports QuizJasmine100
11Riding Sports QuizGeorgia Keaton100
11Riding Sports QuizErin100
13Riding Sports QuizHi100
14Riding Sports QuizFern The Welsh Pony100
15Riding Sports QuizAllie100
16Riding Sports Quiz100
16Riding Sports QuizMolly100
16Riding Sports Quiz100
19Riding Sports Quizshepherd100
20Riding Sports Quizbrian100

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