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Horse & Pony Breeds Quiz

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Horse & Pony Breeds

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Horse & Pony Breeds Quiz Leaderboard by Date

  • Meh - 30%
  • Sierra - 100%
  • Wally - 70%
  • Sarah - 50%
  • Zoe - 100%
  • vic - 50%
  • Lexi - 60%
  • Fiona equestrian - 100%
  • Fiona equestrian - 90%
  • karen - 100%

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Welcome to the Horse and Pony Breeds Quiz!

Where did Warmblood horses originate?
Name two Hot-Blooded horse breeds.
Name a Cold-Blood horse breed.
Which type of horse is a cross between Hot and Cold-Blood breeds?
Which breed is popular for driving?
Which breed is most used to work cattle ranches?
Which breed was originally used by Native Americans?
Which breed descends from just one stallion named Justin Morgan?
Which breed has long, lean bodies, are sensitive, and can be high strung?
What four horse breeds originated in the United States?

High Scores for the Horse & Pony Breeds Quiz

RankQuiz NameUserCorrect Score
1Horse and Pony Breeds QuizMarjorie100
2Horse and Pony Breeds Quizmaddy100
3Horse and Pony Breeds Quizclara100
4Horse and Pony Breeds QuizJenna100
5Horse and Pony Breeds QuizAddison100
6Horse and Pony Breeds Quiz.100
7Horse and Pony Breeds QuizBrie2580100
8Horse and Pony Breeds Quizjosh100
9Horse and Pony Breeds Quizanna100
10Horse and Pony Breeds QuizPonygirl100
11Horse and Pony Breeds QuizChloe100
12Horse and Pony Breeds QuizCharlotte100
13Horse and Pony Breeds QuizJennifer100
14Horse and Pony Breeds QuizAmy Brodgen100
15Horse and Pony Breeds QuizSophia100
16Horse and Pony Breeds Quizshepherd100
17Horse and Pony Breeds QuizHorselover100
18Horse and Pony Breeds QuizElia Brus100
19Horse and Pony Breeds Quizbrooklyn100
20Horse and Pony Breeds QuizX100

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