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Horse Gaits & Movement Quiz

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Horse Gaits & Movement

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Horse Gaits Quiz Leaderboard by Date

  • horse gaits - 37%
  • Mystic owned by Adryan - 75%
  • Mystic owned by Adryan - 75%
  • Kenly - 37%
  • devyn - 62%
  • blembo - 75%
  • Claire A. & Mack - 100%
  • zoey - 37%
  • zoey - 25%
  • Emma - 75%

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Welcome to the Horse Gaits Quiz!

How many beats are in a horse's walk?
True or False: There is a moment of suspension when all four legs are off the ground when a horse walks.
The trot averages how many miles per hour?
True or False: The trot is a diagonal gait, meaning the legs move in diagonal pairs.
What is the name of a western trot?
True or False: There is a moment of suspension in when a horse canters.
True or False: The canter is a diagonal gait which means the horse's legs move in diagonal pairs.
How many beats are in a gallop?

High Scores for the Horse Gaits Quiz

RankQuiz NameUserCorrect Score
1Horse Gaits Quizsacha100
2Horse Gaits QuizMama Hen100
3Horse Gaits QuizClaire A. & Mack100
4Horse Gaits QuizL100
5Horse Gaits QuizJJ100
6Horse Gaits QuizViolet100
7Horse Gaits Quizson100
8Horse Gaits Quizme100
9Horse Gaits QuizHazel100
10Horse Gaits QuizClaire A.100
11Horse Gaits Quizcherish100
12Horse Gaits QuizHorseJumper100
13Horse Gaits QuizDiamon100
14Horse Gaits QuizMini100
15Horse Gaits QuizSuri Ann100
16Horse Gaits Quiza100
17Horse Gaits QuizJl100
18Horse Gaits QuizAnn100
19Horse Gaits Quizh100
20Horse Gaits Quizdannie100