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Horse Gaits & Movement Quiz

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Horse Gaits & Movement

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  • Horse Gaits Quiz - Celia - 62
  • Horse Gaits Quiz - Bee - 50
  • Horse Gaits Quiz - GG - 87
  • Horse Gaits Quiz - GO - 50
  • Horse Gaits Quiz - Pattie - 62
  • Horse Gaits Quiz - Monnie - 87
  • Horse Gaits Quiz - penny - 62
  • Horse Gaits Quiz - Jenna - 87
  • Horse Gaits Quiz - Ainsley - 62
  • Horse Gaits Quiz - Madison - 100

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Welcome to the Horse Gaits Quiz!

How many beats are in a horse's walk?
True or False: There is a moment of suspension when all four legs are off the ground when a horse walks.
The trot averages how many miles per hour?
True or False: The trot is a diagonal gait, meaning the legs move in diagonal pairs.
What is the name of a western trot?
True or False: There is a moment of suspension in when a horse canters.
True or False: The canter is a diagonal gait which means the horse's legs move in diagonal pairs.
How many beats are in a gallop?

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