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Horse Feeding Quiz

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Horse Feeding

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Horse Feed Quiz Leaderboard by Date

  • shire - 100%
  • Ginger - 37%
  • Charlotte - 62%
  • Phoenix - 100%
  • shire - 100%
  • shire - 87%
  • shire - 87%
  • shire - 62%
  • Lila - 75%
  • Lottie - 62%

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Welcome to the Horse Feeding Quiz!

True or False: A horse's feed bucket should be hung at knee height.
Where is the best place to give a horse a treat?
What types of horse treats should you give a horse?
True or False: You should you always check a feed bucket before you dump in new grain.
If there are two horses in a pasture, how many hay piles should they be given?
Feeding large amounts of food to horses at one time can lead to...
How should you introduce new feed to a horse?
Most of the food a horse eats should come from what?

High Scores for the Horse Feed Quiz

RankQuiz NameUserCorrect Score
1Horse Feeding QuizSam100
2Horse Feeding Quizshepherd100
3Horse Feeding Quizpayton100
4Horse Feeding QuizLeila100
5Horse Feeding Quizshepherd100
6Horse Feeding Quizshire100
7Horse Feeding Quizjojo100
8Horse Feeding Quizkailey100
9Horse Feeding QuizTaylor horse100
10Horse Feeding QuizCharlotte100
11Horse Feeding Quizshepherd100
12Horse Feeding QuizLila100
13Horse Feeding QuizDW100
14Horse Feeding Quizshepherd100
15Horse Feeding Quizshepherd100
16Horse Feeding Quizshire100
17Horse Feeding QuizPhoenix100
18Horse Feeding QuizBlue Eyes100
19Horse Feeding Quizshepherd100
20Horse Feeding QuizBridget100