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Horse Coat Colors Quiz

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Horse Coat Colors

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Horse Coat Colors Quiz Leaderboard by Date

  • - 75%
  • Hannah Houlihan - 0%
  • Hannah Houlihan - 50%
  • Hannah Houlihan - 37%
  • Pingu - 50%
  • Momo - 87%
  • poo - 75%
  • Lily anna - 100%
  • Lydia - 75%
  • jack - 62%

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Welcome to the Coat Colors Quiz.

Name a coat of any color with small and round spots or speckles.
What is an Overo coat color?
What is the name of the coat color with large patches of white and black?
What coat color has a golden body with a flaxen, cream, or white mane and tail?
What is the name of the tan coat color with dark legs, mane and tail, with primitive markings such as a dorsal stripe and zebra stripes on the legs?
Which color contains chestnut hairs mixed with white hairs through the coat?
What is a Flea-Bitten Grey?
What color horses (also known as sorrel) are a reddish-brown color with the same color or lighter mane and tail?

High Scores for the Horse Coat Colors Quiz

RankQuiz NameUserCorrect Score
1Coat Colors QuizLilly100
2Coat Colors QuizX100
3Coat Colors Quiz100
4Coat Colors QuizGrace100
5Coat Colors QuizAlma100
6Coat Colors QuizEden100
7Coat Colors QuizBoo100
8Coat Colors QuizJeta100
9Coat Colors Quizclara100
10Coat Colors QuizVoltron100
11Coat Colors QuizJim100
12Coat Colors QuizCARREC3003100
13Coat Colors QuizYuh100
14Coat Colors Quizmaddy100
15Coat Colors QuizGrace100
16Coat Colors QuizRose100
17Coat Colors QuizSarah100
18Coat Colors QuizLane100
19Coat Colors QuizPoppy Legate100
20Coat Colors QuizCharlotte100

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