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Horse Boots & Wraps Quiz

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Horse Leg Wraps & Boots

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Horse Boots & Wraps Quiz Leaderboard by Date

  • Lia - 66%
  • Charlotte - 33%
  • Elena - 100%
  • Zea - 100%
  • Zea - 66%
  • Sav - 100%
  • k.kslider - 83%
  • Bailey - 100%
  • Jenna - 66%
  • ArabianGirl - 100%

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Welcome to the Horse Boots & Wraps Quiz!

Why do horses wear boots?
What are stable bandages?
What are some examples of horse boots?
Which one is a common type of horse leg wrap?
Why do horses wear open front boots?
What type of leg protection do horses wear while they are in a horse trailer?

High Scores for the Horse Boots Quiz

RankQuiz NameUserCorrect Score
1Horse Boots & Wraps QuizEmily100
2Horse Boots & Wraps QuizRiesiq100
3Horse Boots & Wraps QuizCc100
4Horse Boots & Wraps QuizLondon Hoefer100
5Horse Boots & Wraps Quizmya100
6Horse Boots & Wraps QuizArabianGirl100
7Horse Boots & Wraps QuizRebel Rider100
8Horse Boots & Wraps QuizEmma100
9Horse Boots & Wraps QuizNia100
10Horse Boots & Wraps QuizHanna Hansen100
11Horse Boots & Wraps QuizHeritage Grove100
12Horse Boots & Wraps QuizJenna100
13Horse Boots & Wraps QuizLaura Kate100
14Horse Boots & Wraps QuizArabianGirl100
15Horse Boots & Wraps QuizBrie2580100
16Horse Boots & Wraps Quizshepherd100
17Horse Boots & Wraps Quizjosh100
18Horse Boots & Wraps QuizCharlotte100
19Horse Boots & Wraps QuizElia Brus100
20Horse Boots & Wraps QuizBC100

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