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Grooming Tools Quiz

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Horse Grooming

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  • shire - 100%
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  • baylee - 80%
  • Zea - 100%
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  • Sav - 100%
  • ava - 80%

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Welcome to the Grooming Tools Quiz!


What grooming tool do we use to clean out a horse's feet?

Why do we groom horses?
Which grooming tool is used to loosen caked mud and dirt from a pony's coat?
When do we groom horses?
What is the correct order of grooming?

High Scores for the Grooming Tools Quiz

RankQuiz NameUserCorrect Score
1Grooming Tools Quiz100
2Grooming Tools QuizLily100
3Grooming Tools Quizshepherd100
4Grooming Tools QuizJenna100
5Grooming Tools QuizMini100
6Grooming Tools Quizshepherd100
7Grooming Tools Quizsarahmcevoy100
8Grooming Tools Quizannika100
9Grooming Tools QuizAddison100
10Grooming Tools QuizEmma S.100
11Grooming Tools QuizChristie c100
12Grooming Tools QuizFiona L.100
13Grooming Tools QuizSofia100
14Grooming Tools Quizbob100
15Grooming Tools Quizflower100
16Grooming Tools Quizrosie horse name.100
17Grooming Tools QuizHeritage Grove100
18Grooming Tools QuizX100
19Grooming Tools Quizkook100
20Grooming Tools QuizJosey100