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Face Markings Quiz

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Horse & Pony Face Markings

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Face Markings Quiz Leaderboard by Date

  • K - 87%
  • Momo - 87%
  • john - 87%
  • Madison - 62%
  • No u - 100%
  • No u - 87%
  • No u - 50%
  • Esperanza.A - 37%
  • hayden 123 - 12%
  • Brynlee123 - 62%

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Welcome to the Face Markings Quiz!

Name this pony's face marking:

Star, Strip

Which two face markings have the least amount of white?
Which face marking is found just on the forehead between the eyes?
Which face marking is found between the nostrils?
What is a blaze?
Which face marking has the most white?
Which three face markings can run the length of the horse's face?
Name this pony's face marking:

Bald Face

High Scores for the Face Markings Quiz

RankQuiz NameUserCorrect Score
1Face Markings QuizBrooke100
2Face Markings Quizmaddy100
3Face Markings Quizolivia100
4Face Markings QuizMacy100
5Face Markings QuizAnn100
6Face Markings QuizCharlotte100
7Face Markings QuizSidney100
8Face Markings QuizHanna Hansen100
9Face Markings QuizReagan100
10Face Markings QuizX100
11Face Markings QuizLondon Hoefer100
12Face Markings Quizoslsi100
13Face Markings QuizLeyton100
14Face Markings Quizmoana100
15Face Markings QuizQuinn100
16Face Markings QuizIzzy100
17Face Markings QuizQuinn100
18Face Markings QuizTabitha100
19Face Markings QuizBrie2580100
20Face Markings QuizBerkeley100

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