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Appaloosa Horses Quiz

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Appaloosa Horse Coat Patterns

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Appaloosa Horse Quiz Leaderboard by Date

  • hopeandgrace - 80%
  • aj - 80%
  • aj - 40%
  • Someone - 100%
  • Emily - 60%
  • charlotte - 40%
  • Jj - 60%
  • sophie - 60%
  • bug - 100%
  • Toni - 80%

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What characteristics are often found in the Appaloosa horse breed?
What is the scelera?
What is a Leopard Appaloosa?
What is a Snowflake Appaloosa?
Horses must have spotting to be registered as Appaloosa horses.

High Scores for the Appaloosa Horse Quiz

RankQuiz NameUserCorrect Score
1Appaloosa Horses QuizTreanne100
2Appaloosa Horses Quizadmin100
3Appaloosa Horses QuizMark B100
4Appaloosa Horses QuizMaze100
5Appaloosa Horses Quizbug100
6Appaloosa Horses QuizPonyCrazy100
7Appaloosa Horses QuizAutumn100
8Appaloosa Horses QuizMary100
9Appaloosa Horses QuizMark B100
10Appaloosa Horses QuizKayley100
11Appaloosa Horses QuizS100
12Appaloosa Horses QuizPonyCrazy100
13Appaloosa Horses QuizSomeone100
14Appaloosa Horses QuizCharlotte100
15Appaloosa Horses QuizKayley100
16Appaloosa Horses QuizRacheal100
17Appaloosa Horses QuizErin Connolly100
18Appaloosa Horses QuizMaggie100
19Appaloosa Horses QuizLillian100
20Appaloosa Horses Quizbug100