This eventing instructor interview with Holly Hudspeth is the fourth video in a series of educational videos intended to teach children about different horse sports.

For the video series, we ask each horse sport instructor the same seven or eight questions in an interview format and then do a little hands on learning as a way to help to expose a whole new generation of kids to different horse sports in 4-6 minute long informational videos.

The questions we ask each instructor:

  1. What is your experience with the sport?
  2. What level of experience do you recommend a kid have before they start learning your sport?
  3. What basic skills do you teach kids in the first few lessons?
  4. What do you wear to lessons?
  5. What type of tack and equipment do you need?
  6. What types of horses/ponies are good for the sport?
  7. What types of competitions are there in the sport?
  8. What do you wear in competitions?

Holly Hudspeth eventing

We have filmed interviews with combined driving, hunter, show jumper, eventing, polo, and equestrian vaulting instructors. We will post those videos as the editing is completed.

View this video and other horsemanship for kids learning videos on the Allpony YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/_kdZ6m3sUcU