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Our talented riding friend Emma is a brand ambassador for Allpony! Emma shared some information with us about her riding experience, about her horse Waffle, and how she continues to learn about horses and horsemanship.

The goal of Allpony is to inspire kids to learn about horses, and we hope the Allpony Junior Brand Ambassadors will inspire other kids to learn more about horses and ponies too.

How Long Have You Been Riding?

7.5 years

How Old Are You?

13 turning 14

What Riding Discipline(s) Are You Involved In?

My main discipline is jumpers but I also do some equation.

How Many Horse Shows Do You Attend Per Year:

Around 20 give or take.

Tell Us a Little About Yourself & Your Horse:

I love riding horses that are more of a challenge to ride, especially the sassy ponies. My horse, Waffle is a 10 year old Belgian Warmblood. He loves to jump, buck, roll in mud, and cuddle. I have had him for a little over 6 months and we do the low children’s jumpers.

What Ways Do You Learn About Horsemanship:

I grew up in Sweden where are used to go to a 4H farm and learn all about the animals that they had and how to take care of them. That was where I discovered that I want to ride horses, so I started riding at a barn. I would ride once a week, and two times per semester we wouldn’t ride and instead of riding we learned about horses or tack or just the barn in general. I also go to camp for a week every summer and have done that since I was 9. I always learn something new when I go there either from one of the trainers or from the kids. I think the best way to learn stuff is from your friends.