Allpony found a special kid named Casey who is now a brand ambassador for Allpony! Casey shared some information with us about his riding experience, about his pony, and how he continues to learn about horses and horsemanship.

The goal of Allpony is to inspire kids to learn about horses, and we hope the Allpony Junior Brand Ambassadors will inspire other kids to learn more about horses and ponies too.

Questions for Casey:

How Long Have You Been Riding?

6 years

How Old Are You?


What Riding Discipline(s) Are You Involved In?


Do You Attend Horse Shows?


How Many Horse Shows Do You Attend Per Year?


Do You Have Your Own Pony?

I lease my pony

Tell Us a Little About Yourself & Your Pony.

Hello! My name is Casey and I lease a pony named Gonzo. He is a 13 hh red roan pony that i started leasing in 2018. I’ve always wanted to go to pony finals with him but he wasn’t the nicest pony out there until lots of hard work and determination we qualified for pony finals at our first A show in February 2020!!

What Ways Do You Learn About Horsemanship (ex. taking care of ponies/horses, learning about tack, breeds, coat colors, gaits, etc.)?

My trainers help with this a lot. I‘ve learned several things to learn how to look after my horse and what to do in a certain situation. I also do IEA and 4-H which have taught me a great deal on horsemanship.