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Allpony is an activity book and website with games, quizzes, educational horse lover downloads, and information that teaches kids about horses and horsemanship. It is created and maintained by Susan DiFelice who’s professional background is in illustration, graphic design, and website development. She created Allpony as a way to teach her own kids about horses, and it has grown from there to become a resource for other horse-loving kids. Susan lives in NC, and in addition to blogging about ponies and creating content for Allpony, she is a mom to two small kids, and wife to a busy entrepreneur. Susan is a life-long equestrian, has earned her USDF Bronze Medal, and shown in Hunters through the Adult Amateur division.

Reach out to Susan at susan@allpony.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you find your sources for information?

I often speak with trainers, vets, and life-long horse people to make sure what I am presenting is correct. Also, I find a lot of inspiration and valuable information from the following sources as well as others:

The United States Pony Club Manual of Horsemanship – D Level by Susan E. Harris

Cyclopedia Anatomicae by Gyorgy Feher and illustrated by Andras Szunyoghy

The Dressage Horse by Harry Boldt


USHJA Horsemanship Study Guide 2020

Horse | National 4‑H Curriculum


Do You Offer Bulk Discounts On Activity Books?

Yes! Wholesale prices available for retailers, riding schools, and bulk orders. Contact susan@allpony.com for details.

How can I send correction information?

Oops! We are human too! Send us your corrections using the form below and include the source of your correction in the body of the message. Thanks for your interest in keeping Allpony the best resource it can be!

Do You Do Equestrian Illustration for Outside Clients?

Yes, contact Susan via email at: susan@allpony.com or call 919-818-3734 to discuss your project.

Can I Contribute Story Ideas, Articles, Or Topics to Allpony?

If you are interested in advertising or want to send us your photo editorials, articles, and topics for consideration on the Allpony website, you may contact us via email at: info@allpony.com or call 919-818-3734.

Can I Advertise My Business On the Allpony Website?

Currently Allpony shows Google Adsense ads as a way to support the website. We also sell ad space for individual companies. Learn more at: https://allpony.com/advertise-with-us/ and purchase ad space here: https://allpony.com/shop/allpony-ad/. Contact info@allpony.com for more details.

Can I Sell My Products On the Allpony Website?

If you would like to submit your product(s) for consideration in the Allpony eCommerce store, please email info@allpony.com.


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